The Music Genres

Nowadays, there are an infinite number of musical genres. Many of them have accompanied our history, such as classical music or jazz, but a large number have been born as a result of globalization and mixture of cultures or styles, such as trap or dancehall. If there is one thing we have discovered is that music varies, has no limits and evolves with us.

Are you interested in knowing the most popular music genres this year? You have no idea how many music genres there are? If you want to be aware of all this, don’t miss this article. In Original Music we have music for a while!

The new musical genres that are added to the list

If we think about the number of people in the world and understand that there is nothing written about tastes, it is more than reasonable that the list of existing musical genres is infinite. I propose a quick game, think of five musical genres. I’m sure your answers will be pop, rock and roll, indie, reggaeton or electronica (if you’re in the mood for the weekend).

Maybe today you woke up more down and only think of jazz, soul or blues. If you stop for a minute more to think, we would find many more: flamenco, classical, reggae, salsa, bachata, rap, heavy metal… You think you know them all, don’t you?

Now it’s time to play for real. Nowadays, musical genres go beyond and represent styles characterized by the fashion of the moment or the generation. How many of these styles did you not know?

Feminist reggaeton.

Reggaeton has made a strong comeback in recent years, but it has always received a lot of criticism: sexist content, undervaluation of women, obscene language and many others. From there, together with the female empowerment that has increased in recent times, groups have emerged that vindicate this new musical genre. Tremenda Jauría, K-Narias or Ms Nina are some of the artists who have turned to Latin rhythms and a much more social and favorable message for the female gender.


From good vibes, fun and electronic bases subnopop was born; defined by many as “dumb punk for smart people”. Songs with a lot of rhythm without excessive professionalism and plain lyrics without embellishments to reach anyone. This genre has become so viral in recent years that it already has its own festival, “Subnofest”, in which groups such as Putilatex, Los Chillers or Ladilla Rusa have participated.

Electro – disgusting.

The precursors of this new musical trend? Las Bistecs. They themselves define it as an artistic trend that aims to leave no one indifferent. A lot of aesthetics and little music is the concept they defend for this genre, linked to subnopop because of its vindictive lyrics about social realities.


This Korean pop arrives in Spain as one of the musical genres with the greatest projection; it is rather a cultural movement highly influenced by western rhythms: pop, electronic or jazz. Aimed mainly at teenagers, K-Pop tries to create an idea of the perfect artist, taken from a “talent school” and with the sole objective of being a mass idol. BTS, BlackPink or Red Velvet are some of the most listened k-pop bands.

What are the most listened music genres?

If there is something that characterizes pop music, it is the popularity of its genre, which even gave it its own name. Year after year, the pop genre occupies one of the main positions within the most listened music genres. Rarely would rock and roll or electronic music not accompany this clear winner year after year.

And if we talk about what has really been listened to this 2019? Undoubtedly, the winning bet has been urban music. What used to represent only small social groups (such as rappers), has become the most influential mainstream. Something very curious is that all the artists involved in this panorama come from nothing and try to make a place for themselves in this industry by bringing their own style.

We talk about trap as a subgenre of rap with a mix of electronic rhythms, within a world of crime, love and drugs without any cover. It is born from the rebelliousness and the desire to detach from those big music industries; they are not looking for a number of sales, they are looking for loyal followers who listen to their content on social platforms.

Inside trap? Lil Pump, XXXTentacion or Drake as the most internationally recognized. In the Spanish scene we also find great references such as Yung Beef (one of the first references of the genre from Granada), Kinder Malo or Pimp Flaco. But, if you thought we had been left halfway, this is not all. There are those who defend the concept but try to distance it from “trap” itself.